The Lions Trust – CBL Magazine charitable donations

Afternoon all – I have just divvied up the takings from yesterday’s Remembrance badge sales, plus that of our regular CBL Magazine edition.

I am pleased to be able to report that we are able to make the following donations on behalf of all Millwall fans:

* £500 – to the Royal British Legion poppy appeal.

* £350 – to Sands ( child mortality support.

* £50 – to the HoF Crunchie appeal (produced by regular badge sales v Cardiff 25.10.14).

I would like to thank my ‘A Team’ sellers yesterday – chaps, your efforts were a massive help and near doubled the takings compared with what I would have achieved alone. May I also express my thanks and pride in the IMMENSE generosity of Millwall fans.

Our efforts were drop in a much bigger picture yesterday and as much as the media might not want to acknowledge it, our club remains a true bastion of traditional values.

I am very glad that our various products were so well received and would like to thank the many very kind comments made to me about the badge designs, the quality of the magazine and our radio show. It means a lot.


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