CBL Magazine donations 2014-15

I am pleased to be able to announce that the most recent edition 17 of CBL Magazine, generated £200 in respect of sponsorship of the Lions Trust Cup 2015; and £110 for the Courtney Terry appeal.

For the 2014-14 season therefore, the total generated for charity and good causes was:

Edition 13: £100 Combat Stress – £100 Jimmy Mizen Foundation – £75 Breakaway Visits – £75 Melanoma Research.

Edition 14: £500 Poppy Appeal – £350 ‘Sands’ – £50 Crunchie appeal.

Edition 15: £250 Willow Foundation.

Edition 16: £125 Demelza House – £125 Richard House.

Edition 17: £250 Lions Trust Cup – £110 Courtney Terry appeal.

Total for the season – £2110.

Total since edition 1 – £7414.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of my contributors and especially to Crazyhorse for his design skills. Left to me, every edition would look like a punk DIY fanzine from 1977. I thought the recent move to a glossy feel with colour front page was very much the way to go next season.

May I also send a HUGE thank you to my resolute sellers, without whom you could halve all of those figures above. Rain or shine, all the time they are there for me.  I know they don’t like to be named, so I won’t, but you all know who they are.

Finally, thank you to everyone who bought the magazine or supported us by buying one of our badges. As much as it’s been a difficult season, I am proud of the fundamental decency of our fans, whose warm generosity never ceases to amaze me.

Up the Lions.


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