Defend our Den (again)

Once again, very late in the day, the poor bloody infantry of the Millwall support is being asked to come to the rescue of the club by persuading Lewisham Council not to compulsarily purchase sections of The Den’s land to enable major developer ‘Renewal’ to begin the regeneration  of South Bermondsey – a seemingly endless storyline. This is my email sent to the Mayor of Lewisham Steve Bullock and the Lewisham Cabinet members:




Dear Mayor and Cabinet of Lewisham Borough Council

On Wednesday this week you will make a decision which will have a huge impact on both the future of Millwall Football Club and the Millwall Community Trust and which may put the Clubs’ survival in doubt.

At a time of crisis in the game in this country. A period with the richest clubs benefitting from the vast TV incomes now available – and the smallest struggling to exist in their shadow – your decision will be momentous. Indeed if you decide to allow the compulsory purchase orders to proceed, it may mean the long term end of Millwall Football Club’s existence in Lewisham.

I hope this matters to Lewisham Council. I hope that by working with the club, that the historic links between Lewisham Council and Millwall FC can be reinforced.

I ask that the council considers imposing a long term covenant that provides the area subjected to the current stadium lease as ‘home ground to Millwall FC’ for as long as the club exists. Such a move will give vital reassurance and also instill confidence in the fan base that that the club will not be forced out by developers.

With regard to the wider issue of the community facility, I would urge the council to re-open discussions with the club to a) ensure a long term future for community development work and b) allow joint plans to be brought forward and developed jointly with the council.

This email comes late in the day but as fans we have not been directly invited to be part of the discussions and negotiations. We are, without doubt, the largest single group who the plans will affect and our voices should be heard. The club and its fans very much see the current ground and associated facilities as home and as such believe that we should have been asked for our views a long time ago.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and for considering the long term best interests of both the South Bermondsey area and Millwall FC. I believe both go hand in hand and hope that you will see this issue in the same way.

Best wishes.
Nick Hart
CBL Magazine and Achtung! Millwall podcast



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