Interview with the Millwall Cafe and Zampa Fish owners

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2 Responses to Interview with the Millwall Cafe and Zampa Fish owners

  1. Well done and thanks for all your hard work on the podcast and the magazine.

    Surely one good, effective and practical way to stop all this lunacy and to encourage the community as a whole to fight back against the Degen would be to form a political party to fight elections?

    By-elections come up fairly regularly ((I think there was one in Brockley recently) and of course there’s May 2018. The “cause” already has huge support so in many ways it’s job done.

    To form a political party and register with the Electoral Commission is just £150 and then you simply find candidates, ten signatures per ward or division and off you go. Simple!

    The decisions to mess Millwall about are political and hence require a community political response. What is more, we could win the election! Political pressure works and the mere threat of a serious political challenge would move the necessary mountains…

    No doubt there’d be a lot of discussion about the party’s name but something simple like “Lewisham Community Party” or “South Bermondsey Community Party” would do.

    I bet that this would really scare the powers that be because they’re always vulnerable to removal come election time. This could be set up within a few weeks and might be just the leverage we need to save the ground, the club and our place in Bermondsey.

    I don’t live locally anymore but would obviously be happy to travel up as I do for matches and help in any way.

    Best wishes,

    Tim MFC

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    • Dan Butt says:

      Hi Tim many thanks and apologies for the tardy response. Things have been very busy as I am sure you can appreciate. The idea of forming a political party is a great one – I really like the idea. I may well take you up on that offer of help and advice mate in due course.

      All the best mate


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