The Real Millwall Show Fan 11.07.19

New season, new edition of the podcast and – I hope – a more regular use of the blog, which has fallen into a bit of a fallow period of late. I apologise, life has a habit of coming at you fast and this post is therefore a bit of a ‘first toe back in the water’ on wordpress.

Amazingly I have put out the podcast for five years now and, as with anything, there is a tendency to dwell in your comfort zone somewhat. Hence my recent request for feedback via Twitter:

Thankfully only 11% backed the ‘it’s shit’ option! So not too bad …

Now my own view on anything in this life is – first, last and everything – you have to do stuff that you like – and the Devil take the rest.

Fundamentally I’ve always tried to please myself – and hopefully others will like it too. So a big thank you to everyone who has commented with kind words.

Some stuff has clearly worked better than others over time, but I appreciate all of the feedback given.

The new season starts on August 3rd 2019 and, subject to the vagaries of life, I shall be doing my usual in-game stream of consciousness – teamed I hope with a post match conversation to review Millwall proceedings.

Would you like to come on the show? I need a rotation of regular pundits able to take a Saturday night – or more often a Sunday morning phone call.

Going forward, I would also like to revive the old ‘Listed Lion’ feature, in which we record a conversation with a fan (old or young) to share memories of the old days, first match and so on.

If anyone is interested or knows somebody who they think would make a great guest, please do get in touch either by Twitter @CBL_Magazine – or by more traditional email

It would be great to hear from you.

Finally, if anyone wishes to give us a rating and comment on Apple podcasts, these are really much appreciated too –

Arrivederci Millwall…


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1 Response to The Real Millwall Show Fan 11.07.19

  1. GREEN SWEEP says:

    Hi Nick,

    Love the show. Leave it as it is!

    Looking forward to seeing the new recruits on the park!


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